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== Short term things ==
* Document code
Very important, since now it is far more complex
* Clean code. Some ideas:
** Substitute bot calls with API functions (i.e. sendMessage, forwardMessage...).
Functions are already written (not yet tested!) in shared.php
** Create a class for inline keyboard management
** Use info(), warning() and error() instead of botlog()
** Always insert "or error(... $sql->error())" when making SQL queries.
** Use curl instead of file_get_contents() because it has a better way to
manage timeout and HTTP errors
* Better way to manage Image/Videos/Document and forwarded message
* At the moment, the /list command is terrible
* (Don't know why) inline buttons have white text, but if are present
empty buttons, the following have black text
== Long term things ==
* Facebook page integration
Make the bot publish info not only in mailing list and Telegram channel,
but also on our Facebook page