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giuliof 6de4eae97b Merge pull request 'docker' (#1) from docker into master 2 years ago
giomba a85cb8746e added cronjob for scheduler 2 years ago
giomba 7e4f540499 dockerization complete 2 years ago
giomba a710ce6718 porting for docker image 2 years ago
giuliof cb0b224594 Heavy error in getCalendarTab 5 years ago
giuliof d0d6964400 Double bot interface, silent flag 5 years ago
giuliof d889e59a31 New function for message listing 5 years ago
giuliof f626fbe632 Minor bugfix 5 years ago
giuliof b35d8831a3 cleaning code 5 years ago
giuliof 32f8887145 text formatting in message listing (not yet fully working) 5 years ago
giuliof deb91de5e1 Fixed a very fool error, added markdown escaper 5 years ago
giuliof d69033521a Small lines for timeout debugging 5 years ago
giuliof e0f6e5da99 Fixed some typos 5 years ago
giuliof 98a1573901 Better support for messages forwarding 5 years ago
giuliof 3c4ab2e0c9 Added functions. Support for photos forward 5 years ago
giuliof 36337b3f37 New way for message forwarding. Improved scheduled listing 5 years ago
giomba cb69679e4e Updated TODO list 5 years ago
giuliof 5c05d01234 Full rewrite, now with more buttons 5 years ago
Luca Mattii b4f31851c2 Added .gitignore 6 years ago
Luca Mattii 60a1e940cd Test local repo 6 years ago
Luca Mattiiadsad 79c8935d38 Test local repo 6 years ago
giomba cacbc643e5 Added TODO list 6 years ago
giomba 30bcd75717 Initial commit, working version, but with a lot of stuff to improve 6 years ago